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Suggestions How to Learn Blossom Art

Written by editor on November 3, 2014 Categories: Arts Tags: , ,

It’s not necessarily straightforward to exhibit the actual beauty of Mother Nature inside a painting. Few contain the natural talent associated with showing off the particular aesthetics of the Earth as well as its residents especially if discussing the particular range of flowers. Because plants are so terrific, men and women desire to find out […]

Managing Stress Thru Caricatures

Written by editor on September 12, 2014 Categories: Arts Tags: , ,

A caricature is a portrait or a drawing that makes use of exaggeration in a certain aspect of a thing or feature of a person making an easy recognizable likeness. They are commonly used in editorial cartoons, caricatures of movie stars and sometimes found in entertainment magazines. However, caricatures can not only be used as […]

Drying Fresh Flowers

Written by editor on July 14, 2014 Categories: Arts Tags: ,

Pressing is the most popular type of drying fresh flowers. Flowers are neatly straightened and kept between sheets of paper and weighted. This ensures that the pigments are not lost and the color is retained. Special devices called plant presses give excellent results. This method ought to be adopted when the flowers are fresh, so […]