Brief On Crystal, Indigo Children And Adults

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Crystal and Indigo kids and adults are talented anomalies incarnated as individuals on Earth for a specific objective. In simplest terms, they are ambassadors of everyone and everything and healing the Earth on it. The first ACTUAL wave of “ambassadors” (a.k.a. star seed, angels, healers, light workers, shamans, etc.) were native Americans as they treated and harmonized with mother earth, but Europeans put an end to that and eventually to the native American manner of living. Another attempt inspired at sending as single, unique things in ambassadors with the message of peace. However, you can see that Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Edgar Cayce, etal, did not succeed as evidenced by WWII, the Holocaust, Hiroshima and so forth. For additional details, you can join the mailing list of our website to get satisfied answers to your questions.

It was determined that a real flood of help was required on this exceptionally damaged planet. A third wave came with the baby boomers (1946 64).

The social and political changes of the 1960’s was first evidence of their en masse want to get healing and peace on a transcendent degree. But this wave is different from all other ambassadors, in that their specific programming for the “assignment” was not fully activated until later in life (during the 1980s and ’90s). –I understood I was distinct from my family at age 18 months, while this is true of many Crystal and Indigo children. Nevertheless, as a result of my mother’s anxiety of my knowledge, she persistently and consistently shut me down–“Now Dorothy, don’t get carried away.” Occasionally, that message still floats through my mind and I feel a sense of reluctance to share my wisdom and experiences, including this ‘risk taking’ post.

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