Comfortable Boots Are More Important Than Stylish Boots

Written by editor on July 8, 2014 Categories: Shopping Tags: ,

I was reading an article in the magazine other day in which the editor interviewed an actress. The editor asked the actress about the number of pairs of shoes she has in her wardrobe, and my eyes were left wide open as she was having more than 200 pairs of shoes. It was shocking as well as annoying because there are people living on this planet who work all day barefoot and their feet are full of injuries and blisters. All they need is a pair of shoe that they can wear at work.

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 pairs of shoes or 200 because at one time, you can only wear one pair. I have 4-5 pairs of shoes, but you will see me wearing my favorite muck boots or rubber boots most of the time. This is all because of the fact that they are highly comfortable and reliable. I am more concerned about keeping my feet dry and safe rather than showing off in the public like that actress. Moreover, I wear my muck boots on almost every occasion because I don’t feel comfortable in any other shoes than these. So, I am planning to donate my other pair of shoes to the ones who really need them.

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