Drying Fresh Flowers

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Pressing is the most popular type of drying fresh flowers. Flowers are neatly straightened and kept between sheets of paper and weighted. This ensures that the pigments are not lost and the color is retained. Special devices called plant presses give excellent results. This method ought to be adopted when the flowers are fresh, so that they stay so in the dried form. Violets, pansies, larkspur and ferns preserve well when pressed in this manner. These dried flowers can be arranged in framed displays.

Flowers are a symbol of beauty and exude freshness all around. However, fresh flowers have a short shelf life. Drying flowers using the right method may finish up in preserving them as close to their original form, flexibility, color and texture. There’s lots of methods that are used to dry flowers. You can also search http://www.thedifferenttypesofflowers.net/funeral-flowers/ on the internet.

Flowers are also dried using desiccants. Embedding the flowers in a granular, desiccating material is thought about the best all around method to dry flowers. The flowers are covered with the desiccant so that their form will be maintained.

Air-drying, often known as “hang and dry” method, is the oldest and simplest method for preserving flowers. The flowers are collected, tied and then hung upside down in a warm, dry place. Since the flowers are dried in the air, the method is often called “air-drying.” The darkness helps retain the color of the flowers. Flowers such as baby’s breath, cattail, Celosia, dock, goldenrod, heather and willow preserve well when stored this way. Blue and yellow flowers retain their color, whereas pink flowers fade.

Water drying is also used to preserve fresh flowers. Here, stems of the flowers are initially placed in a couple of inches of water, the water is allowed to evaporate and be taken up by the cut flowers. The container and flowers ought to be in a dry, warm and dark location. Hydrangeas, yarrow, bells-of-Ireland and Celosia dry well with this method. You can also search know more on the internet.

Most people pursue drying and preserving flowers as a hobby. Even with the increased popularity of synthetic flowers, lots of people still prefer the actual flowers preserved in a lifelike manner.

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