Highly Attractive Features of Replay Media Catcher5

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Replay Media Catcher 5 is a simple, easy, yet powerful tool to capture audios and video files from millions of websites which play them in any web browser. You can transfer video files, audio and MP3 files to your cell phone or tablet; burn them to CDs and DVDs; or you might want to incorporate them into your own videos, Power Point presentations or any other program.
Apart from being an easy to use streaming media recording tool, this particular downloader has some amazing features you would love to know about.

Custom formats:

It allows users to convert recorded audio and video files into the format of their choices. The software supports every kind of audio and video format, making itself worthy of your choice.

Recording Genius:

Replay Media Catcher 5 is perhaps the only software that records streaming audio files from any given source. It is because of the softwares diversified support to almost any kind of audio extension files.

Scheduled Recording:

If youre willing to download something from any particular paid URL, this software enables you to schedule your recordings according to the time of your choice.

Embedded files:

The downloader offers embedded audio and video files and radio guides, allowing you find interesting media on the Internet.
Fingerprinting technology:

Replay Media Catcher 5 uses advanced music fingerprinting technology due to which it automatically identifies and tags MP3 music files that are either recorded, or have been recorded earlier.

There is more for you once youve installed this software in your PC, Laptop, tablet or smart phone. To start with, you dont have to worry about where you saved your music files because replay media catcher 5 will display all audio and video files recorded or downloaded earlier. Then this software will open the doors of ultimate entertainment for you at any time.

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