How To Choose Large Size Women’s Shoes

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Maybe you were teased as a youngster. And, you have politely dismissed the references to your feet looking like gunboats. Well, the joke is not on you anymore. Big size women shoes are widely available like never before. Whether you desire a dressy pump or a comfy athletic trainer, retailers and producers are figuring out that there’s an ever-growing marketplace in large size women shoes. You can also click here to download the latest brochure.

With over 30 percent of all women’s shoe sales being size nine and above, there’s big money in selling large size women shoes. The fact is women’s feet are getting larger. While girls over the age of 35 have an average shoe size of seven and a half, their younger counterparts average a shoe size of eight and a half.

This “growing” demand for women’s shoes in sizes nine through fifteen has spawned many new retailers and shoe makers who specialize in larger sizes. Twenty years back, a girl with big feet had very limited choices in shoes. Now, she is able to pick from a vast selection of business, casual, and even golfing shoes.

It’s projected that around 85 percent of girls purchase shoes in the wrong size. Frequently, they purchase shoes that are too small. Ill-fitting shoes can contribute to a complete host of medical issues including bunions, corns, hammertoes, and calluses. With the bigger sizes more commonly available now, girls are finding the fashions that they desire in the sizes that they require. It is a welcome relief for the countless girls that have purchased shoes in a too-small size because there clearly was no other choice.

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