Managing Stress Thru Caricatures

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A caricature is a portrait or a drawing that makes use of exaggeration in a certain aspect of a thing or feature of a person making an easy recognizable likeness. They are commonly used in editorial cartoons, caricatures of movie stars and sometimes found in entertainment magazines. However, caricatures can not only be used as to what are mentioned above. There are still more. Caricatures can be used as an effective and powerful tool to many other aspects such as for teaching stress management and for dealing with personal stress.

Good quality caricature can be an effective tool in teaching stress management. You can make caricatures of someone dealing with financial stress, social stress, career stress, paper works stress, and multitasking stress and you can also make caricatures of someone effectively managing those kinds of stress. In this way you can easily make a point about your presentation to your audience and since caricatures are commonly funny, it can even help you and your audience deal with personal stress. Sometimes it takes a smile and a laugh to start making forward progress toward dealing with stress effectively. Humor, which is naturally found in caricatures, can be a great tool to help gain perspective on the many stressors that can have significant impact on daily life.

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