Manny vs Money, who is the best?

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Many happen to be following Floyd Mayweather Jr. as his style is brilliant, artistic and unique. His means of fighting, his footwork and speed are incredible. Regarding trash talk, many said before that, it’s his way to get in to the head of his opponents to achieve upper hand during fight night, he doesn’t mean those, exactly like Ali. But recently, many have seen that in Pacquiao’s case, Floyd Jr. changed. These are typically some situations, to mention a few:

During retirement, when Pacquiao knocked out Erik Morales, Floyd Jr. was very appreciative. He even mentioned that Pacquiao is next to him. A lot of people even said that he cheered for Pacquiao in the fight with Morales. This is actually the behaviour of the typical Floyd Mayweather Jr. – great boxer, proud and confident of his skills.

As he came back from retirement and fought Marquez to assert his being the P4P status, many said Floyd must claim his throne, anyway Pacquiao was declared P4P king when Floyd retired. Seeing that Floyd is back they can easily snatch it from Pacquiao. If Marquez was his immediate opponent, then Floyd strikes at Pacquiao even. This is a deviation from what Floyd usually does. This really is a deviation from what Floyd usually does, Then Floyd strikes at Pacquiao even. As an alternative to focusing on Marquez, he was targeting another fighter. Such action was interpreted by many people as “He is just get yourself ready for the real fight which happens to be Pacquiao, since Marquez is simply walk from the park. He just wants to possess a psychological advantage at this particular early”.

When folks start saying that Pacquiao is above ranks and Floyd Pacquiao as # 1 in the P4P list particularly with Pacquiao’s demolition of Hatton, Floyd showed some irritation and fired more thrash at Pacquiao. People are commencing to say that Floyd is losing his composure especially that Pacquiao failed to fire back at Floyd.

When the negotiations of your proposed Mayweather – Pacquiao Fight failed on account of disagreement on blood testing procedure, Floyd continued to fire trash talks at Pacquiao. And a lot of have seen that whenever Pacquiao’s name is mentioned Floyd becomes uneasy, his facial expression changes, how he speaks and moves also change. And the trash talks get sharper and sharper. These are typically a not an indication of a good fighter. These are signs and symptoms of an insecure and angry person.

Presently, Floyd always fire shots at Pacquiao during interviews and also other media exposures. If not Floyd. Or maybe not, some writers and commentators, believed to be hired/paid by Floyd or Team Mayweather, would fire shots at Pacquiao, always mentioning PEDs or HGH, the failed $25 million to $40 million fight, and so forth, His father Floyd Sr. or his uncle Roger or Jeff Mayweather will lam bast Pacquiao.

After the latest fight of Clottey and Pacquiao, Floyd commented that he is not impressed in the performance of Pacquiao and declares that his performance throughout the coming fight with Mosley might be a lot better than what Pacquiao showed.

If he wants to fight Floyd, then recently, Jeff Mayweather “AGAIN” restated that Pacquiao has to take the step and test up.

This coming September, watch the fight Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana and you should not miss this and be part of the boxing history.

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