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Brief On Crystal, Indigo Children And Adults

Written by editor on November 3, 2014 Categories: Education Tags: , , ,

Crystal and Indigo kids and adults are talented anomalies incarnated as individuals on Earth for a specific objective. In simplest terms, they are ambassadors of everyone and everything and healing the Earth on it. The first ACTUAL wave of “ambassadors” (a.k.a. star seed, angels, healers, light workers, shamans, etc.) were native Americans as they treated […]

Simple Ways To Show Gratitude In Parent Child Relationships

Written by editor on July 12, 2014 Categories: Kids and Teens Tags: , , ,

There are some simple ways through which you can show gratitude in parent child relationships. Here I am listing some of them: 1. Permit a bit more freedom: If your kid has always been well behaved & thoughtful of the rules of your household you may require expressing gratitude to your kid. For the respect […]

Healthy Diet For Children

Written by editor on July 10, 2014 Categories: Kids and Teens Tags: ,

As people become older health becomes a problem for them. Professionals have stated that the healthy diet for youngsters may preserve kids from being overweight and helps in preventing illnesses. Obesity is consistently improving due to the growing recognition of fast foods. Never push your kids to eat healthy before actually beginning the diet. This […]

Who Are The Indigo Children?

Written by editor on June 21, 2014 Categories: Kids and Teens Tags: , ,

The Indigo Children began coming to this world more than 30 years ago. Their intent here on earth would be to cleanse society of crime so that we might proceed efficiently to the new era. Indigo’s have many struggles to face within their lifestyles, and so the galaxy has equipped them with some powerful shots; […]