Tried and True- Low Back Safety

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If you have ever had your back “give out” on you, you know that it can give you no warning before doing so. Whether you felt it or not, your back was not in good shape leading up to your injury. Avoiding back injury and low back pain is best done by prevention. It’s true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure with low back and other spinal issues. To prevent having low back pain and other structural low back issues, start by seeing a qualified chiropractor to check your spines alignment. If the bones jammed out of place, this will cause your spine to pull harder in certain areas, leading to disc injuries, pulled muscles, and herniated disc. Don’t let this be you!

Once your spine has been aligned, practice proper lifting techniques, this means squatting down to pick object up, not bending your low back. It is difficult, even if you’re flexible, to keep your back straight while bending forward, so this is best avoided. If it is difficult to squat or if it seems like a lot of work, then you most likely need to stretch some tight muscles. It should be easy to squat down and you should be able to keep you heals on the ground while doing so.

Try to work on these three things mentioned above. Get your spine aligned, squat to pick up object, and stretch out your tight muscles.

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